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Wool And Much Much More

Dress it Up Button Sets

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Dress It Up is a family business with a passion for creating a niche.  They are the international leader in novelty embellishments, their handmade designs are copyrighted, trademarked and found in craft stores all across the globe.


Each button is a work of art. Button designs are first drawn by hand, then engineered for molds. Each colour part you see is an individual piece.

These pieces are then hand-dyed, dried, "snapped together, then packaged with other buttons to give the finished Dress It Up package you see in store.


Dress It Up craft embellishments sell your store's craft items. Retail shoppers start with the cute button pack, then search for a higher ticketed items for something to embellish.

Dress It Up packs are versatile and have success in many different departments.